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Deloitte building

Deloitte Building / CFA-Cristián Fernandez Arquitectos

d-small3DS Max 2012 design, Mental Ray
Exposure control (contrast increased in the post production ):

  • Ev = 6.5
  • Highlits = .2
  • Midtones = .85
  • Shadows = .5

Mr Sun Multiplier = 0.003 + Skylight using HDRI map
Trees from
Bushes made with iTools forest pack lite




more by 3DS Max

I used the free version of iToosoft Forest Pack plugin to make the treess, bushes and grass.
and used this tips for pool water making
wp1sclick on the image above to open the full version in a new window


Back to 3Ds max ..


Modeled with AutoCAD 2012, Rendered with 3DSMax 2012 (Mental Ray) – click on the image above to open the full version in a new window

I used a design of a contemporary interior shown on the cover of ‘100 Contemporary Houses‘ book
I bought the sofa models from modelplusmodel online store
This tutorial was very helpful to understand the usage of cloth modifier used to make the curtains

alternative lighting:



the uncertainty principle has become catchphrase for the general difficulty, not just in science, of establishing untainted knowledge. When journalists admit that their own view can influence the stories they are reporting, or when anthropologists lament how their presence disturbs the behaviors of the cultures they are examining, Heisenberg’s principle is not far away: the observer changes the thing observed. When literary theorists assert that a text offers a variety of meanings, according to the tastes and prejudices of different readers. Heisenberg lurks in the background: the act of observation determines what is and what isn’t observed.

__ David Lindley
Uncertainty: Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, and the Struggle for the Soul of Science


رمضــان كريــــم


رمضان 1432


Photo by Marwa


Mushroom in the home!

2 bunches of a mushroom keep growing in my old tree pot and last for about 24 hours only!,  I think they are Fairies Bonnets Coprinus disseminatus which is poisonous species.

few hours old
Fairies Bonnets - few hours old!
May be 12 hours old - they will vanish soon and come back again in few days